latest states of the blue mind projects & highlights

Fancy Woman Bike Ride 2023

great news on a rainy day: refletions of water 1/7 will be screened in LA and Munich!

1. Edition: Fusion Heuriger in Nußdorf ob der Traisen

Projektorganisation und Koordination gemeinsam mit Julia Heiss / kaff und Katharina Herzog. Im Auftrag vom Weinland Traisental und Mostvierteltourismus.

Video: Georg Schütz / fluxmedia.at


"the first 8 weeks after the last 8 years"

Film premiere 30/04/2022, das Kino Salzburg

after 6 months of learning and studytime pleasures, the first 8 weeks of the last 8 years will be on big screen for the very first time!



"Kontrolle ist gut" Press Pictures

Special Recognition Award in Seoul

Happy to share my meditaiton water video
with a sound colaboration with Andi Fraenzl.

The Video won the Special Recognition Award
for the Art & Meditation Conference in Seoul 2021.

take some breath for a 6.33 min. break and please watch it here

Zwillingssterne - Ein Sommerspaziergang mit schwarzem Humor

hidden treasures ready to be a printed for you, because some walls are meant to be decorated <3

unmasked beauties

What if we all take down our masks? Moments, when we truly see there is no beauty in disguise. Through the melting moments, in which we see beyond  boundaries and find unity under the powerful imaginary diversity of being seen authentically,  to show our pure beauty. 
naked, pure, unedited, imperfect.

catch up on the imperfect website of the photoproject

#unmasked beauties

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sao miguel island, acores

Seedligns Workshop. Skeleton Sea, Ericeira PT

The Seedlings Project invited the kids of the schools around Europe´s first World Surfing Reserve Ericeira / Portugal to beach clean-up sessions and interactive workshops. It´s like planting seeds for the future to talk about the serious global challenges our society will face: pollution, plastic, waste and over consumption.
Local communities need to take pride in our natureal ressources and art can be one solution to show that in a sympatic way...

Spread the word. Turn Trash into Art!



infinite flowing at san blas islands, panama

The holy land and waters of kuna yala was hosting the four weeks course of infinite flowing, conscious water massage. a deep dive into crystal clear visions and dreams, the old wisdom of the kunas and a flowing dance of aquatic bodywork.

happy 1st. birthday little drop

Out of the blue, we find sometimes the new ideas,
the new names of the new directions and projects,
and we only have to jump into the blue wide ocean,
to float on in possiblities and new adventures

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water movement sessions andaman islands, india

Lunchbreak. little balls of spirulina

Catering for the regional TV-Shooting day at the spirulina farm at graciosa island, acores

floating in freedom with being hold in love …

Fly Deeper aquatic bodywork israel and jordan,

photo: ofer rosenthal

Research Yoga-Map, Awesome maps

research project for a yoga map, for awesome maps about Yoga and energetical places worldwide. illustrated by eva dietrich

check out https://awesome-maps.com/

happy exploring ^O^

linking awareness&bodytalk

Learning about Body Talk Fundamental for human and animals in Bogor / Java. Thank you all for this great international experience. Aloha to all the dogs and animals we met! We visited some dog rescue shelters and it was my first personal experience with the asian dog meat market, We visited as well the K9 Police station in Jarkarta.
Talking from our hearts to human and animals <3

beauty in between the lines| Fashion Collection, october 2017

Years of taking pictures - looking at them,
the moment of  "one day i gonna do something with it" ..
this day is now...
Playfull fashion items at paom.com