little drops creating waves of inspiration & compassion

Water movement sessions are a fluid mixture of letting go tensions, while being carried and floating into deeper relaxation, breathing, mindfulness, meditation and smooth stretchings. We feel our own lightness, as we sink into ourself and rise to the rhythm of our own breath in the water. Gentle stretchings in and under water help us to release tensions and let the muscles become soft, so that the whole body feels like loosen up and dance freely in our own individual style. Water holds space to drop our worries and release our doubts and thoughts, not serving us any longer, our mind becomes empty and we can find ourself in a place of stillness and peace. We experience the freedom of movement and the influences of our being.


“Our body communicates without words, the water speaks all languages, so do our hearts.”




private watersessions & workshops worldwide please drop a message ^O^

Spirulina Sale & Workshops

Expect a delicious mermaid menue with nourishing facts about Spirulina.

We prepare and eat together and you can take some healty inspiration with you at home. The trial packs are 100% pure high quality spirulina, produced in a small farm at Graciosa, a biosphere reserve volcanic island of the Azores archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where i work.
Our spirulina is healthy whole food and handmade with love for you.


The Menue is inspired by local and seasonal flavors, ecological and vegan. Duration 1/2 Day – 1 Day,  Private and small groups.

creative waters private retreat day

Reconnecting with your playfullness that ripple out later into your daily life.
Rediscovering the universe around us, to find the freedom of our soul.
Walking  barefoot on earth to the fluid inspiration of the water into the breath of life, expression of our creativity. 
An experiential journey with the taste of meditation and yoga, aquatic bodywork, creative writing or journaling.
Optional with homemade with love vegan snack.

You can contribute your poem to the
happy after session poetry project "creative waters"

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A fluid mixture of
bodywork & creativity
in private sessions and workshops.
Sharings and Workshops about water therapy, spirulina, vegan travel, cooking, yoga, nature, movement, animals,
design, creativity,
ocean awareness and
what ever the ocean in between the waves is teaching me...


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Little drops of warm hearted moments of pleasure, creating joyful memories while exploring our creative potential.