what is yin yoga

„Every Person has an individual and unique bone structure, unique flexibilty and agility and every person needs and individual and unique yoga“ 

Yin Yoga is a quiet and meditative practice for reducing stress and creating more flexibilty in the body and as well in the mind. You learn to feel your own needs and your own energy flow and to create your own space for regeneration, relaxation, calmness and focus.

As we are living in a world, where our work and daily life becomes increasingly faster and faster, finding stillness and a sense of equilibrium becomes harder and harder. With Yin Yoga we can find the point of stillnes as we draw our focus inwards and connect with our true essence of ourselves.

With yin yoga we train to strength, stretch and stimulate to encourage more flexibility and freedom of movement while at the same time releasing deep tensions of the body and relaxing the nervous system.

Fascia is mainly composed of collagen and gives the body structure, form and tension and stores kinetic energy and is effectively like a spring for the muscles.  Fascia ensheathes our organs, nerves, arteries, divides the brain and holds it together and is, in various degrees the “glue” that holds our bodies together. 

We hold different postures for 3 to 5 or 7  minutes to release the muscelar energy and focusing on the deeper layers of the body, our so calles yin-tissues in the body, the fascia, the ligaments, tendons and capsules.


Yin Yoga complements every form of yang yoga. 

Yoga is all about creating harmony between body, mind and soul.

We need both - Yin and Yang - in our lives, so you can´t say that dynamical yoga-styles are better or worse than yin yoga, all belongs together.

Yang yoga means, that the focus is on our muscles – strengthening and stretching through rhythmic and  flowing movements connected with the breath.  This form of exercise is essential for our wellbeing, for the muscles and bones.

You can see it as a statement of the western world for our fast-moving mentality and learned values, moving around, work hard to archive something.


Yin yoga guides you to your own story of your body and your mind.

Breath out, Let Go and Surrender…